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One of the most fiercely dreaded subjects, Math has inherited a bad reputation among students. However, it is a critical skill every student should possess and needs to graduate high school. We believe everyone can learn Math, if guided appropriately and on a timely basis. With the help of our teachers, we can accurately identify areas your child struggles with ranging from missed concepts from previous grades to complex concepts being learnt. Our tutors can convert the fear and hatred for Math, by breaking concepts into smaller chunks and helping master each skill.

The focus for Grades 1- 8 in Math is along the five strands of Number sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Data Management.Grade 9 Math tutors help with the following strands: Algebra, Linear Equations, Relations, Analytic geometry and Area, Perimeter and Volume.Tutors for Grade 10 Math focus on: Linear system, Analytic geometry, Algebra, Quadratic Functions and Equations and Trigonometry.Grade 11 Math help focuses on Characteristics of Functions, Exponential functions, Discrete functions, Trigonometric Functions and Transforming Trigonometric Functions Tutoring for grade 12 Math Calculus and Vectors involves Vectors and their applications, Intersection of lines and planes, Calculus and rates of Change, Derivatives, Curve Sketching, Derivatives of exponents and log Functions and Trig Differential and application.

Grade 12 Math Advanced Functions tutors help with Exponents, Trigonometry functions, Polynomial Functions and Operation on Functions Help with Data Management involves Tools for Data Management, Collecting Data, Matrices, Statistics of one and two variable, Counting and Permutations, Venn Diagrams, Pascal’s Triangle, Binomial Theorem and Probability.


Chemistry can be challenging because of its abstract content. Our Chemistry tutors teach core concepts in a clear and approachable manner for improved grades.


Physics can be intimidating because of lack of understanding of the physical principles involved and/or the mathematical investigation used to evaluate those principles. Our goal is to help students achieve a real understanding of conceptual physics and a strong ability to work with the Math involved.

English and French Tutoring: Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Writing

The most effective way to improve English/French is to combine practice with prompt, high-quality feedback. We offer exciting reading material and employ strategies such as guided discussions shared reading and constructive, individualized criticism to support student learning. We encourage students to think creatively and to read/write in ways that are not only clear but also engaging, persuasive, and elegant.

Other Academic Subjects and Services:

Our 1 on 1 service includes, but is not limited to the following: Biology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Law, Science

  • Homework and assignment help
  • Review and preparation for tests
  • Review and preparation for exams
  • Daily review
  • Organizational and study skills

You can access one of more of these services through our tutors anytime in a scheduled appointment. Indicating your interest early during the registration will help secure a tutor and resources on time.


We help students as young as 3 years of age cultivate an aptitude for reading. By training early reading competence through a combination of phonics, sight vocabulary and context your child can read fluently with comprehension and speed.