Campus tours are awesome. It’s like getting a sneak peak into your future. You get to see what the environment of each college or university is like, how the students interact with one another, what amenities are available on campus, what the living quarters look like, and so much more. So when your parents or teachers suggest attending a campus tour, don’t roll your eyes just yet. Campus tours can give you insight into your future, and get you even more excited about what’s to come. However, not all campus tours and guides are created equal. Ensure you get all the information and perspective you need by asking these 15 questions. If you have more than 15 questions to ask, never hesitate. After all, that particular college or university could very well be your home for the next several years.

Why did you Choose this School?

 Questions to Ask on a College and University Campus Tour

Your campus tour guide clearly has a passion about the college or university you’re considering, and now is the perfect opportunity to find out why. Additionally, they likely have a vast range of experience and knowledge about the area, amenities and entertainment, as well as the school itself. So ask your campus tour guide why they chose this school over all the others. It can give you some insight as to why that particular college or university may be the better option for you. However, one person’s opinion may not be enough perspective to make such an important decision, so you may also want to ask several other students to gather as many different motivating factors as you can. Some specific questions you can ask to gain even more insight include:

1. Why did you decide to enroll here?
2. Would you change that now that you’re a current student?
3. What’s your best and worst academic experience?
4. What professor has made an impact on you and why?
5. What safety procedures have been put in place on campus?

What is your Favourite Thing About this School?

Questions to Ask on a College and University Campus Tour

Now that you know a little bit more information as to why your campus tour guide chose the school you’re considering, it’s time to get a little more specific. Sure, they may have chosen the school because they have a renowned program for their specific field of study, but this might not pertain to you. So ask your tour guide and other students about what makes their school great. Their answers may not have anything to do with the school and education. For example, if the party atmosphere or late and loud nights in the dorms are their favourite thing about the school, this is important to take into consideration. After all, if you’ll be focusing on your studies late into the night, excessive dorm parties may not be for you. Once you have the answers to your questions, you may want to determine how their favourite thing will affect or contribute to your education, and if there are any solutions to the discrepancies you’ve heard. For example:

6. What is the best thing about the school?
7. If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be and why?

What is the College Community Like?

Questions to Ask on a College and University Campus Tour

While you’re attending college or university to further your education, there’s no denying that you’re also going for the fun and experience. Asking about the college community can give you some great insight on what to expect if you were to enroll at that particular school. Maybe you’re looking for a smaller, close-kit community or a much larger establishment that allows you to meet many new people on a regular basis. Finding out about the college community and asking the following questions can help you get a feel for what it’s like – and more importantly, if it’s for you.

8. What is the population of the school?
9. What is the size of the campus?
10. Are there any avenues put in place to meet new people, such as clubs, residence halls, etc.?
11. What are the relationships like between professors’ and students?
12. What is available for entertainment, on and off campus?

How’s the Food?

Questions to Ask on a College and University Campus Tour

You have to eat, and you have to eat healthily in order to study properly and succeed throughout your postsecondary education. However, simply asking, “how is the food” may not give you all the information you need. After all, your campus tour guide could simply say that it’s good or bad, and carry onto the next question, so be sure to ask more specific questions about the food, such as:

13. If you could change one thing about the cafeteria meal plans, what would it be?
14. If applicable, ask “Are there options for people with special dietary needs, whether vegan, gluten-free, etc.?”
15. Do most students recommend eating off-campus, or in the cafeteria and why?

By asking the right questions, you can find out a lot of information and personal perspective that can’t always be found on the school’s website or brochure. However, keep in mind that the answers you received are based on his or her personal experience. So, take the answers you receive as insightful information but don’t let them be the sole deciding factor on whether or not you wish to enroll.