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At The Tutoring Expert we believe in 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please call our office to book your FREE consultation session. Our consultation session includes the following:

  • Grade and subject specific assessment for any children who wish to enroll with our services
  • Free evaluation assessment to identify gaps or areas of improvement
  • Meet and greet with the tutor whose been assigned for the family for 0.5 hours



Tutoring Service - Richmond Hill, Misissauga, Oakville

The Tutoring Expert is a proud establishment that started in 2001 and is run by Certified and Experienced Elementary and Secondary Teachers who provide a tutoring service.

These professional teachers believe in the one-on-one customized tutoring experience to target a student’s full potential. For over a decade now, our staff has been empowering students in a way that is not possible in a classroom.

We believe all students can learn, just not on the same day or the same way


The One-on-one tutoring service has the advantage of being extremely personalized. Students who receive this kind of attention often progress rapidly. Your child will learn at a faster pace than ever before and retain information longer because our tutoring programs offer a multi-sensory learning experience. No peer pressure or distractions.

It can be emotionally difficult for both students and parents when children struggle in School. Our staff recognizes this and combines high standards and expectations with patience and compassion. We believe that, with proper instruction, everyone can succeed. We believe in a strategy that involves practice, expert feedback, and real development of skills to go along with a mastery of test-taking techniques. When we are teaching, we carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our students so that we can tailor our tutoring service to their specific needs.

All of our tutors are successful, experienced educators with excellent professional references. In most cases, it’s obvious when tutoring is working – our parents often comment on how their child’s demeanor changes – they become more confident and engaged in the subject. On a more objective level, many parents get positive feedback from their child’s teacher about improved performance in class and on tests.

We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how



We work with you in the comfort of your own home. We are also willing to alternatively meet at a community place to accommodate you if you prefer otherwise.



We operate Mon- Fri as well as weekends all year round with flexible timings to accommodate your schedules and extra-curricular activities your child may be engaged with.



Our clients are never asked to sign a contract to stay with us. If you are not satisfied with our services, you are not obligated to stay. There are no hidden fees or travel charges added. Fees are hourly based.



It is emotionally difficult for both parents and students when children struggle in school. We believe in linking our in home tutors with your child’s teachers to provide a holistic learning experience that is in sync with the school’s philosophy.



Our staff is comprised of qualified, enthusiastic and motivating instructors who keep themselves current and involved with the educational field and excel at strengthening your child’s academics. Our tutors come prepared with extensive experience in tutoring and tailor each session to fit each student’s needs. We mandate that our tutors submit an annual police check to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients.



We understand that each child has unique needs and requires a certain rapport to be motivated to study. In the event that you are not completely satisfied with your assigned tutor in your first session, please contact us immediately and we will assign a tutor who is better suited with your child’s personality. If your child is not motivated in school we invite you to give our staff a call, who can resolve past academic deficiencies and help build and restore your child’s confidence.