Exam prep, EQAO, OSSLT, Entrance exams

The Tutoring Expert provides help with the following preparations

  • High School Assessments and Exam Prep * ( for all subjects in grades K-12)
  • Grade 9 EQAO**
  • Grade 1- OSSLT***
  • Entrance exams and Aptitude tests

If you have a question about a preparatory service not listed above, please contact The Tutoring Expert for more information.

High School Assessments And Exam Prep

Tests and assessments play a huge role in your overall success with a subject. Marks become even more increasingly important when they are required for an entrance to desired College or University.
At The Tutoring Expert, we firmly believe in providing and exposing our students with relevant and challenging assessment opportunities on a regular basis.
With access to several testing resources provided and implemented by Elementary and High School teachers, your child will have a superior advantage over their peers in performing exceptionally well on their tests and exams

Your child can benefit from our testing resources if they need help with one or more of the following:

  • If your child experiences test anxiety
  • Not knowing what is important to study for an assessment/Organizing notes
  • Require examples of the types of questions for each of the categories in Knowledge, Communication, Application and Thinking Inquiry
  • Help with building strategies on writing tests ( for example, attempt every question, look over your work if you have time left at the end, pace yourself and do not spend too much time on one question etc)
  • Procrastinating and time management


EQAO 9 Assessment of Mathematics

The EQAO 9 Assessment of Mathematics will measure how well students are meeting the overall expectations of the mathematics level in the provincial curriculum up to the end of Grade 9. Components of the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics include the following: Multiple Choice, Short Answers, Tasks and an Additional Component. We can help prepare your child for successfully completing the EQAO by providing the techniques and methods to handle the challenging questions that appear specifically on this assessment. Students will also be given homework assignments and tested with a similar format and structure to ensure complete understanding and confidence.


EQAO 10 Ontario Secondary School Literary Test (OSSLT)

The EQAO 10 Ontario Secondary School Literary Test (OSSLT) will measure how well students are meeting the reading and writing expectations across several subjects in the provincial curriculum. All students who are working towards a high school diploma will be required to participate and pass in the Grade 10 test. Our tutors provide techniques and methods in handling reading and writing questions specifically on the assessment to help your child achieve success with the test.