Tutoring During the Coronavirus

As the situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus is extremely dynamic, The Tutoring Expert will continue to make proactive decisions that are grounded in care for our families, tutors and staff alike.

An announcement by the Ontario Ministry of Education was made on Friday March 20th, regarding the launch of Phase 1 of the “Learn at home” and “Online Learning Resources,” to support the continuation of learning for Ontario students.

The resources being provided by the government are intended to support independent learning without the normal facilitation of a teacher.

With the looming question of lengthy school closures, in reaction to COVID-19, online learning is becoming a reality we all have to embrace sooner or later.

The Tutoring Expert continues to be your committed partner in ensuring students are not left alone while navigating the complexities of education in an already uncertain time.

Our online tutoring is offered in lieu of the in home support, but is meant to simulate the same feel.  We use our interactive whiteboard specifically designed for tutoring purposes, and with all the capabilities to be able to conduct the session online ( including webcam, Screen share, writing tools, and session recording for review)


These are unprecedented times, and we are learning right alongside you as we navigate COVID-19 together.  We will continue to monitor the developments and evolve with the responsibilities as provided by CDC and other experts.

Please check this page frequently to obtain any new updates as we continue to monitor and manage appropriately.

Warm regards,

The Tutoring Expert Team