Our Philosophy


The One-on-one tutoring service has the advantage of being extremely personalized. Students who receive this kind of attention often progress rapidly. Your child will learn at a faster pace than ever before and retain information longer because our tutoring programs offer a multi-sensory learning experience. No peer pressure or distractions.

It can be emotionally difficult for both students and parents when children struggle in School. Our staff recognizes this and combines high standards and expectations with patience and compassion. We believe that, with proper instruction, everyone can succeed. We believe in a strategy that involves practice, expert feedback, and real development of skills to go along with a mastery of test-taking techniques. When we are teaching, we carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our students so that we can tailor our tutoring service to their specific needs.

All of our tutors are successful, experienced educators with excellent professional references. In most cases, it’s obvious when tutoring is working – our parents often comment on how their child’s demeanor changes – they become more confident and engaged in the subject. On a more objective level, many parents get positive feedback from their child’s teacher about improved performance in class and on tests.

We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how