It is difficult to accept that after grade 3 the shining comments from teachers turns into a solid grade that can determine how your child is doing in school. Any parent knows that a bad grade has the capability of altering your mood for the day, and even weaken your confidence for that subject. While a grade does not evaluate your child’s worth as an individual, it is exceedingly important to watch out for report cards, and help your child to develop any weakness that reveals itself during their time in school.

Because of the pressures that arise once the report card has been handed out, Lisa Huffman, the assistant professor of educational psychology at Ball State University establishes that it is important to remain supportive, while still incentivising good hard work. Lisa says that offering money as a reward can elevate the pressure to maintain high marks, leading to anxiety. Instead she states that it is good to surprise your children for doing well with some sort of activity to share the success.

Lisa also establishes the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with both the teachers and your child. In discussing the mark with your child you can discover what it is that is giving them a hard time, and what they can do to improve their work. Going to the teacher will allow you to hear both sides of the problem; perhaps your child forgets to do their homework, or is easily distracted in class. These are issues that your child won’t notice, and so it is important to reach out to the teachers.

Of course your child’s report card does not necessarily mean that they are not putting in all of their effort, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. If this is the case it is important to take action by finding the best math tutors and the best English tutors that will able to assist in those subject’s.

Lisa establishes the importance of discussing every report card, both the good and bad to show your child that it is possible that they have weaknesses that they can improve, and also that they are excelling in other subjects. Children who become obsessed with their grades may develop anxiety and establish unhealthy habits that cause them to stay up all night trying to perfect their work. As a result it is important to set realistic goals for your child so they are aware of what they are capable of in a short amount of time, and how it is imperative to not cram work into one sitting.

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By Shelly Koren