By Shelly Koren

A significant element of our lives that greatly affects our ability to excel in school and focus is frequently ignored by students; this is of course food. We interact with food every day from pizza day on Tuesdays to grabbing a burger after class because food gives us energy to progress in our day.

Although we may not notice how our eating habits affect our capabilities, a new study published in the Journal of School Health maintains that your diet can significantly affect your academic performance. This study discovered that students who replaced unhealthy saturated fats with fruits and veggies were able to gain a higher average on academic assessments.

It is not surprising that the food we digest ends up affecting our energy output and so it is important to eat well especially as a student. Experts claim that the brain is an essential part of learning and it has to be healthy in order to do so. They claim that with poor nutrition or inadequate hydration the student’s ability in the classroom will decline accordingly.

University of Waterloo Health Services establish that eating healthy does not mean eliminating all food you enjoy, but balancing between the healthy and the unhealthy.

In addition to healthy eating, Philippa Norman, a writer for Healthy brain for Life has shown that it is important to eat throughout the day because food provides the body with energy. If you do not have the schedule that can accommodate consistent eating, Norman suggests that having snacks in a bag will help to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent the student from becoming incredibly hungry and filling up on unhealthy food.  She also emphasizes the importance to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, and make sure that students eat something every four hours.

“Eating regularly and choosing healthy portions of nutritious foods means having more mental and physical energy, feeling good about yourself and enjoying better health”


What students eat impacts not only their behaviour and energy, but also how well they are able to succeed academically, so it is important to eat healthier foods to provide nourishment for the brain.