By Shelly Koren

The grade 10 Literacy test is a requirement for all high school students in order to assess the students’ literacy, and to discover if they need to improve their capabilities before school ends. The test is incredibly significant for students because good literacy skills such as reading and writing are essential for high school, post-secondary schools, and future careers.

Peter Daiton, an English teacher says that the students are properly prepared before the Grade 10 Literacy Test. The students are given sample tests in order to study which the class takes up together to ensure that all the students are given a chance to participate and understand what the test requires.

Daiton maintains that if the parent or student is concerned about the grade 10 test many teachers provide after school assistance for the students, and there are also additional classes the student can sign up for. If the student still doesn’t feel like their needs are adequately addressed by the teacher, an English tutor in Richmond Hill can provide a more intimate learning environment so the student may feel less pressure.

During the test the student will be given two booklets and one answer sheet. In these booklets there will be questions for both reading and writing skills that will be in the form of multiple choice and short answer questions. These questions are designed to evaluate the classrooms understanding of implicit and explicit ideas in the text, and how they make personal connections with these ideas.

In addition to contacting a tutor and going over the study booklets, the student should also prepare themselves by:

  • Having enough sleep the night before the test
  • Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning
  • Read the instructions carefully before answering the questions
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t leave any blank answers!
  • Bring sharp pencils and good erasers

The creators of the OSSLT have a website that you and your kids can look through to see what they can expect, and to show them how to properly study for the Grade 10 Literacy Test.