The EQAO exams which stands for Education Quality and Accountability Office is a test that aims to discover what level students are in based on their grade. These tests include reading, writing, and mathematics, which can be stressful for a student if they do not feel secure in a particular subject.

The EQAO tests are rated through a number scale, 1 being that their skills are below the provincial standard, 2 being that they are close to the standard, 3 is when they are meeting the provincial standard and 4 means that the individual has surpassed said standard. While the student may feel pressure to attain a level 4 on the EQAO it is important to remind your child that this grade does not change their average in the class, or affect their ability to advance to postsecondary education.

Edward Richards, a previous marker of the EQAO exams emphasizes that what is being tested during the EQAO exams is an extension of what is being to the students regularly, and it should therefore not cause excessive stress to either student or parent.

“Most teachers provide preparation lessons in order to boost confidence. Students should not be surprised by any content that appears on EQAO exams if they take the time to understand the structure and content. Similar to any test/exam the best way to prepare is to study the content well in advance and to focus on the areas of difficulty. Teachers are more than willing to help students prepare for the EQAO exams and have many resources to help students succeed”

If you find that your child is not confident for their upcoming EQAO exam it is important to visit their teacher, because they may be able to explain why your child is feeling tension in particular areas of their education. Also remind your child that this test only informs the teacher if they should change their teaching style, which will ultimately be beneficial for their learning experience.

If your child is still feeling anxiety regarding the EQAO test you can visit the EQAO website, and work on practice tests with your child so you are being proactive in your support. If you find that your effort is not sufficient in motivating your child for the EQAO test it may be helpful to find in home tutors in your area so that your child can develop their confidence while you are nearby if they require any further assistance with the tutor. The Tutoring Expert provides experienced tutors who can help prepare your child for the EQAO. Richards maintains that the EQAO exams should not add stress to your child, but it is still necessary as a parent to make sure they are comfortable with the upcoming exam.

“Parents should be involved in all aspects of their child's learning process and provide the best support and encouragement possible. Demonstrating an active interest in their child's success and to have some understanding of what their child needs to learn in order to achieve such success is beneficial for their education as well social and professional lives. As a result,parents should be aware of the content and structure of the EQAO exam in order to help best prepare their child for the exam”

By Shelly Koren