The Tutoring Expert realizes that Math can be a fiercely dreaded subject by students. We will identify challenging areas for your child, and break those down into more manageable concepts. Quite simply, our Tutors in Oakville make Math manageable.


Math Tutor Oakville

Expert Math Tutor Oakville

The Tutoring Expert realises that Math can be one of the most fiercely dreaded subjects by students.However, we believe that everyone can learn Math, if guided appropriately. With the help of our teachers, we can identify areas your child struggles with and convert the fear for Math, by breaking concepts into smaller chunks. Quite simply, our Math tutors in Oakville make math manageable.

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✔  We assess current Mathematical ability and fill in any gaps in your child’s elementary Mathematics foundation. At the Tutoring Expert we take a holistic approach to ensure that we alleviate any past anxiety associated with Math.

✔  Our expert tutors in Oakville help to build confidence in students so that they are continuously improving and do not fall behind.

✔  We make Math fun by integrating it with hands on examples and show students how to apply Math in real life.

✔  At the Tutoring Expert we ensure students are exposed to both homework practice and assessment opportunities.



For over a decade now, our tutors have been empowering students in a way that is not possible in a classroom. Our Math tutors working in Oakville have extensive experience in tutoring and always endeavour to keep themselves current and involved with the educational field.Be assured that weoffer a customizedMath tutoring experience to meet your child’s needs specifically and always ensure the highest of results.

Our English Tutors in Oakville

Our English tutors in Oakville can help students who have difficulties learning English. We believe that everyone can overcome their difficulties with the English language, if guided appropriately. Contact the Tutoring Expert today for a customized English tutoring experience in Oakville designed to meet your child’s specific needs.

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  • My daughter goes to a school that has very weak instruction in math. I became alarmed when I realized that she didn’t really know how to multiply even though she was in the 6th grade. After just a few sessions, I started to notice a difference. Now she’s caught up to where she should be, and is even doing advanced work.

    Grade 6 Math, Oakville
  • I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation for The Tutoring Expert. My daughter’s tutoring experience is both excellent, and effective! The results were exceptional. Not only does she understand the subject matter better, she is also applying the study skills taught by her tutor to study for her exams. Her grades improved from a Cs to As. Most notably, her self-confidence has improved dramatically.

    Grade 10 Math, Burlington, G.Smith
  • What made me really proud was when I met Michael’s classroom teacher, and she said that she was impressed to see how attentive and responsive he has become.

    Grade 5 Math, English and French, Angela Oakville
  • Our daughter really likes her tutor. Thank you so much for sending her to us. What a perfect match!

    Grade 3 English, Math and French, Mr. and Mrs. Chan, Richmond hill
  • I wish to express my thanks for the efficient service that you provide. I contacted a number of agencies and you came out top by far.

    Grade 10 Math, Richmond Hill
  • You and your tutors are real professionals….and we are grateful. Especially you, Ashley

    Grade 9 Math, Mella Family, Oakville
  • Yes Margaret is wonderful. She is always creative, upbeat and very skilled as a teacher. We plan to work with her over the summer as well, at least two, perhaps three times per week.

    Mary B. Mississauga, Grade 9 French
  • Out tutor Chris demonstrates patience, firmness, and a caring for the student. His service is commendable, flexible, and thorough. My daughter actually enjoys taking these exams now!.

    Grade 12 Chemistry parent, Oakville
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