By Shelly Koren

When taking your children to a tutor there are a few things that should be kept in mind so they can get the most out of session which will be beneficial for the student and their continued success in school.

Adam Hanary, a Math and Science tutor said that “you would be surprised how much is involved with tutoring. First the student has to remember the time and location – there have been a lot of instances where I have had to wait about an hour for the student to arrive.
There’s also the matter of coming prepared. If the student hasn’t gone over the course material at all it becomes even harder for them to grasp the tutoring session to the best of their capabilities.”

The Academic Centre for Excellence (ACE) give some great tips for the student whether they need assistance in a math/science subject or essay writing.
For a math or science class:
• Participate in the session by trying to work alongside the tutor; watching them solve the problem will not make the solution more understandable
• If it is easier for the student to verbalize every step make sure the tutor knows this, everyone has their own unique way of learning
• Try to relate what the tutor says to the text book in order to create a bridge between the teacher and the tutor
• An especially important tip is to tell the tutor where the student struggles most so the tutor can provide ways to make it easier for the student.
If the student is struggling with essay content:
• Make sure the student brings the assignment sheet or homework. This will ensure that there are no miscommunications on what the assignment was about, and the tutor will be equipped to help
• In addition to rough copies make sure to bring ideas, notes, and an outline so the tutor is able to understand the ideas on the subject, but also how the student came to these ideas
• If the student is struggling with essay writing make sure that the tutor discovers why that is. Maybe they have a problem with organizing ideas or how to create a proper thesis. Focussing on the bigger picture will allow further development with the particular assignment and with other upcoming essays.

Both the ACE and Adam Hanary mention the importance of consulting the tutor far enough in advance so there is enough time to study for any exam or practice writing for a paper so the tutor can assist to the best of their abilities without cramming. Adam Hanary also states that it is always useful when the student comes prepared with questions about class content, and that this is reviewed in the beginning of the session so that there is sufficient time to address these questions.

“The most important advice I can give to a student going to a tutor is to speak up, let your tutor know if you are still struggling, that is what we are here for”