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Summer Tutoring helps your child gain the confidence needed to start the next school year strong with our one-on-one attention.

Last day of school is soon approaching and students (and teachers alike !) are fantasizing about sleeping in, relaxing, going away and taking a break.

While everyone needs to recuperate and recharge their batteries, a two month break from academic stimulation is far too long and puts your child at a risk of “Summer Loss”. Studies show that students can lose anywhere between one to three months of learning over the summer break, especially in the areas of Math and Reading.

Summer tutoring programs ensure that your child is getting the extra attention he needs. We will help your child identify the areas that need attention and we will provide you with detailed information about their progress throughout the summer.

Tutoring Expert’s team is dedicated to ensure your child’s success at all times.

You may wish to consider an In Home Summer Tutoring Program for your child for a variety of reasons:

  • Support with Summer School
  • Enrichment Opportunities
  • Prevent Knowledge Loss
  • Understand Past Deficiencies
  • Maintain Structure and Discipline
  • Working Ahead
  • Learning made Fun

The Benefits of Our Summer Tutoring Programs

Taking a break completely over the summer is counterproductive to all the hard work your child has put in the preceding years. Avoid summer learning loss with The Tutoring Expert’s Summer Academic Program.

  • Flexible Schedule to accommodate trips, vacations and all other summer activities
  • Focus on the challenging subjects and topics with no other academic burden
  • Keep your child’s mind sharp during the summer school break
  • Help them retain what was learnt before by reinforcing similar concepts and skills
  • Students will be confident and ready for September
  • Working with the Ontario curriculum
  • One on one, in home, customized instruction in all subjects

Parents often express their concerns, (once the Summer excitement has dwindled), over children being bored and succumbing to mindless electronics.

Research has shown that kids entering a semester with prior knowledge of the curriculum achieve on an average 75% or higher grades. Our program is customized for each individual child and we focus not only on the curriculum but other areas requiring enhancement.

Enquire about a Summer Tutor Today

We provide in-home private tutoring with a flexible schedule to fit your family time.

We also have a robust online tutoring capability.

We have summer tutors available in almost every subject, and whether you are looking for a Math tutor, English tutor, Science tutor, or test preparation specialist, we will find someone who can help your child get the academic assistance he or she needs. Our private tutors will work with any material your student has been provided by his or her school and will also provide extra content that we believe will benefit learning.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our summer tutoring programs.

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The Tutoring Expert has been removing educational roadblocks with In home and Online English, French, Science, Accounting, Economics, History and Math tutoring in Toronto. Use our 20 years of experience in the industry to help you succeed!

We know Toronto is a large city and providing in-home and online tutoring services across all of the GTA is our goal. Give us a call and we will match your child with one of our private tutors in any Toronto neighborhood or suburb.

We currently have Private Tutors available for the following GTA locations:

Don’t see your city here? We are always adding available private tutors, please call to find out options for your area.

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