Thank you to all our families for providing us with your feedback !



“We are going into Sarah’s 4th week of tutoring with Brad Mizener and everything is going wonderfully so far. Sarah really likes him and his approach seems to be one that she can relate to very well. I listen from my “away space” at the lessons and he is very encouraging, always checks to make sure she is understanding, provides her with very upbeat explanations and always finds something positive to say even when she hasn’t quite reached the right answer yet (for example applauding her thought process on how she reached her conclusion, making math more fun by using examples of things that interest her, etc.) So far we are both really pleased. Wish we had discovered your company and Brad years ago. Hope this feedback has been helpful”.

Best regards,


“Zafir is great. He’s very patient with Samantha and really good at explaining concepts to her that she doesn’t understand from the class work. It’s only been a few weeks, but her self confidence is already improving and I have no doubt that she’ll be able to bring up her marks by the end of the term. She has a test this week and Zafir was able to schedule her make up lesson so that she has a full lesson before her test to help her get the best score possible.

What is also interesting is that Samantha’s teacher is aware that she is getting outside tutoring and that has impacted how her teacher treats her. This has also reduced her stress as this teacher used to be quite hard on her and really hesitant to explain concepts a second time or after class.

Keep up the great work!”

Helen King


“The Tutoring expert provided an excellent Math tutor – exactly what we were looking for. The feedback and progress updates were very helpful and encouraging. Throughout the semester there were several opportunities asking us for feedback and ensuring we were satisfied. We will be using them again for chemistry next semester”

Dale Clement



“Brandon had his first session last night and we are very pleased with Mr. Fabricio. We love his approach on how to teach Brandon and he is a perfect fit. He is very knowledgeable and most of all Brandon feels very comfortable with him. Brandon says he feels that Mr. Fabricio will help him immensely. My highest recommendation for Mr. Fabricio. My first impression is definitely a positive one. You can tell he really does care about his students. Thanks so very much”

Linda Re


“I just want to write to say how pleased I was with Abira Raveendran as a tutor for my daughter Carly.
She was very professional and really helped my daughter in grade 11 math. She is very smart and was able to explain in ways so my daughter could understand. I would highly recommend her to other students. I will be in touch in September for a tutor for grade 12 math.

Thank you!”

Cindy Romano

“I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation for The Tutoring Expert. My daughter’s tutoring experience is both excellent, and effective! The results were exceptional. Not only does she understand the subject matter better, she is also applying the study skills taught by her tutor to study for her exams. Her grades improved from a Cs to As. Most notably, her self-confidence has improved dramatically.”



“My daughter goes to a school that has very weak instruction in math. I became alarmed when I realized that she didn’t really know how to multiply even though she was in the 6th grade. After just a few sessions, I started to notice a difference. Now she’s caught up to where she should be, and is even doing advanced work.”

Janice Lee

“Brittany’s sessions with Ms. Amy are going really well. Amy often stays late prior to Britt’s tests to help her review her material and getting her prepared. We really appreciate Amy going above and beyond for Brittany”

Suzanne Gardiner

“I have utilized other tutoring services in the past, but was very disappointed when they could not deliver a customized program for my son Paul. He was looking specifically for an approach that incorporated his learning style and our tutor Synthia was able to provide just that. Paul has now completed the course and scored 94% at the end of the course. We found your service incredibly valuable”

Veronica Dias


“Dear Tutoring Experts, I wanted to share my “parent teacher interview moment” with you. I met Michael’s classroom teacher yesterday and she is really proud and impressed to see how attentive and responsive he has become. Michael is now more confident in answering questions in class and his mannerism with peers is reflective of the newfound attitude. Our sincere thank you to Mr. Brian for helping Michael getting back on track. We love to see Micheal So happy and successful”

Mr. And Mrs. Ahmed


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