Nothing beats a good book – and that’s especially true when it comes to reading outdoors. Summer is the perfect time to pick up a book and read. Unfortunately, not all children are natural readers, and some would much rather run around with their friends during the summer months. The good news is that there are many things you can do as a parent to encourage summer reading.

Tips and Tricks to Promote Summer Reading

Take a Trip to the Library

Yes, libraries do still exist and they can be the perfect place for a little family day trip. On the next rainy day, bring your child to the library and let them explore the wonders found on every shelf. Teach them how to find the books they want and the subjects will pique their interest, and be sure to mention any summer reading events that are happening at the library. Showing your child all the fun reading opportunities available can be all you need to keep them reading throughout the summer.

Create Summer Reading Plans

With school being out for the summer comes plenty of free time for reading. Create a summer reading plan for your children, and get excited about it. Go to garage sales to find new books for them to enjoy, and maybe even set up a special time for the two of you to read the books together. Dedicating a specific time each day for reading will keep your child’s school skills sharp throughout the season. An hour of reading after dinner or before bed are some popular suggestions.

Get Them Involved in a Reading Challenge

Many libraries offer reading challenges for kids to participate in during the summer months. Oftentimes, they’re as simple as reading 10-books, and once the books are completed, they get a free book of their choice. Now, even if you can’t find a local reading challenge, you can always create one within your own household. Set a specific amount of books to read, and implement a reward system to keep your child excited and reading.

Read About Relatable Topics

It can be hard to get children involved in summer reading, especially if they aren’t particularly fond of reading in the first place. The key is to find something that is relatable, and that will pique their interest and curiosity. If your family is going on a summer camping trip, pick up some books where the characters do the same, or even a how-to camping guide that you can read together. Find books that talk about the things your child will be doing this summer. Provide something that they can relate to, and they will be excited to read up on it.

Combine Movies and Books

The truth is, some children simply have a hard time getting into reading. Reading about imaginary characters in a mysterious world isn’t for everyone. But movies are something that all children enjoy. With the summer season comes some rainy days, and this can be the perfect opportunity to pop in a movie. The trick? Pick a movie that is based on a book, or books with the same characters in it. For example, Finding Dory is going to be a smash hit this summer for both kids and adults, and there are many books that will certainly follow the trend. However, even picking up some books that talk about marine life can keep your child excited about reading.

Summer and reading is a favourite for many people. Unfortunately, it’s also quite the opposite for others. Keep your child’s school skills sharp with these summer reading tips, and they’ll be fully prepared for what’s to come when the new school year starts.