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Math Tutoring For North York Students

Math has a variety of grade levels, focuses, and complexities. However, no matter what level & grade of math education your child is studying, our North York Math Tutors can get them the help they need.

Elementary Math Tutoring Services in North York

Our specialized Math tutors make sure your child gains a core understanding of Math and learns concepts for the appropriate age and grade level. They support with homework help and create customized sessions based on their needs.

Grade 12 Math Tutoring in North York

Our Grade 12 Math tutoring services are focused on concept reinforcement, practice problems, test preparation, and obtaining high grades for university applications. We offer support for courses such as Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Data Management, and Calculus & Vectors.

High-School Math Tutoring Services in North York Area

High school math is all about expanding on concepts, building self-confidence, and understanding formulas that are the pillars of mathematics. Our tutors track progress, offer practice questions, and communicate with parents of high school students.

University & College Math Tutoring for North York Students

We can also support postgraduate math tutoring for Mathematically advanced topics such as Calculus and Algebra for university and college students. Course material support, learning study strategies, and exam preparation are key elements of success. Our University math tutors can also assist with assignments and research.

Our Tutors Currently Study or Have Graduated from

How Our Experienced Math Tutors in North York Help Students Excel

We individually select experienced Math tutors in North York to guarantee they can best support your child. Our team of math tutors curates customized learning plans tailored to each student’s unique learning style, strengths, and weaknesses.

What sets our Math tutors apart

Math tutors with The Tutoring Expert are experienced in the best teaching techniques, and instruction methods, and know exactly what is needed to help your child succeed in their academic journey.

Whether it is Elementary Mathematics, High School Math, or University/College Math, you can bet our tutors can provide easy-to-understand subject matter expertise. They’re known to impart their mathematical knowledge to students gradually, building on what is learned, so it’s delivered at the perfect pace for your student.

Our Tutors in North York can meet your child for in-person sessions, or they can provide online tutoring in North York while engaging with learning tools remotely.

Private Math Tutoring in North York with The Tutoring Expert

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1 on 1 Sessions

Students receive quality time and attention with their unique academic requirements

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Tutor Match Guarantee

We are happy to rematch with a different tutor if your goals are not being met

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Experienced Tutors

A unique and much sought-after team of hand picked experienced tutors, with a flair and passion for teaching

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Free Session

Not sure if we are the right fit for you? No worries! Schedule a Complimentary meet and greet with your assigned tutor

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Fast and Convenient

We understand time is of the essence when it comes to finding the right academic partner. We endeavor to match our students within 48 hours of a completed registration.

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Weekly dedicated Sessions

Our tutors secure a dedicated time slot to ensure our clients have a reliable and dependable availability

See what Parents in North York thought of our Math Tutors

Kelly Z.

North York

My daughter is in grade 4 and was struggling with Math and Writing skills. We were introduced to a lovely tutor who has given my daughter her confidence back, she is thriving in both subjects. Thank you Tutoring Expert. – Kelly Z.

Ian B.


My experience with The Tutoring Expert has been excellent. They quickly matched us with a great tutor. Communication has also been very good. Their excellent tutor has helped my daughter (5th grade) develop more confidence in her math work. – Ian B.

Sylvia L.


Nihta has been a great help in tutoring my daughter in grade 6 math. My Daughter struggles with ADHD as well as a learning disability and Nihta has been able to find a way to explain things and get through to her in a way that no one has been able to in the past. My daughter is more confident and it shows in her work. Thank you Tutoring Expert! – Sylvia L.

Lady in Toronto
Tamara M.


I found that their response time from answering my call to having a tutor ready for my daughter was amazingly fast. The Tutor was for Grade 10 Science + Math, she was super 🙂 – Tamara M.

Our Fees – Your Investment

Since 2001, we have earned ourselves a reputation of being the most referred math tutoring services in North York.

Move the needle on academic achievement and help improve student motivation, commitment and engagement in learning.

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Starts from:$45for an hour
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We know that North York is a large area so striving to provide in-home and online tutoring services across all of North York is our goal. Give us a call today and we will match your child with one of our private math tutors in any North York neighbourhood or suburb.

Math Tutoring in North York

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